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Editing Echo, Part 2 is the tenth chapter in Pandora's Tale and the third chapter in Volume Two.

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On September 17 2023, prior to the release of Chapter Nine, Xan revealed that the script for Chapter 10 was complete[1][2]. On October 16 2023, Xan posted the first two pages on Patreon[3][4][5]. On February 24 2024, Xan posted the first public preview panel, showing Echo speaking to Pandora.[6][7] Xan posted additional free preview panels on April 18 2024[8][9], May 4 2024,[10][11] and May 18 2024.[12][13] On May 13 2024, Xan announced that she had completed the chapter and begun work on Chapter 11.[14][15] On June 1 2024, Xan announced that the chapter would begin releasing on June 11.[16][17]


Picking up immediately where the previous chapter left off, Echo denies being a cop, but refuses to explain the picture of her with the Pluto City police department.[18] Hemmel firmly informs Echo that she cannot join the resistance if she can't explain herself, and that Echo should leave town in the next 24 hours. Pandora is upset to see Echo go, but relents to Hemmel's explanation that keeping Echo around could be dangerous for the resistance.[19]

The following morning, Isabelle is happy about the tip she got from Belgian Vicky, while Pandora is still sad about Echo leaving.[20] Isabelle explains to Pandora that she thought in the past about moving to Atom City and using Miss Fortuna's connections there to get a job, but she stayed in Pioneer City because her friends are here. Pandora suspects Echo hasn't left yet, and announces she is going to take a walk.[21]

Back at O, Fortuna[22][23], Pandora reminds Echo of her advice about doing what you want to do and not caring what others think. Pandora also says she really wants Echo to stay and that Echo can trust the people here.[24] Echo tells Pandora that there are experiences Helpers have that her human friends will never be able to understand. When Pandora objects, Echo reveals that she has deep scars on her back, and says she doesn't know who gave them to her.[25] Echo explains that she wanted a fresh start away from everyone in her past. Pandora says that the humans she works with try to treat her like one of them, and tearfully wishes Echo goodbye.[26]

Later, at the resistance base[27][28], Zero Angiers is DMing Land of Legends: Lost, a tabletop RPG, for Isabelle, Hemmel, Con, and Natalya Ustrashkina. Pandora says she's looked through the rulebook and found the character she wants to play as.[29] Pandora says she wants to play as a werecat. As Zero and the others argue about whether werecats are appropriate for PCs, Echo enters the room.[30]

As the humans prepare for a possible fight, Echo says she just wants to talk, and explains she circumvented their security by entering through the roof.[31] Echo reveals she found the base by counting turns while she was blindfolded, and that she is here to explain why she was in a photograph with the police.[32]

Echo's earliest memory was of cops finding her near Pluto City, and naming her Echo because she kept repeating their words.[33] Echo felt like she owed the police for saving her, and they started using her on infiltration missions, as nobody suspects a Helper.[34] Recalling the events at the beginning of the previous chapter, Echo recounts how the Helper she rescued from Van Tilburg was afraid of her.[35] Despite the airtight evidence Echo collected against them, the police chief decided to drop charges against Van Tilburg and Beck, because it would make the police look bad if they brought charges against a cop.[36] The police captain further explains that they returned Van Tilburg's Helper to him, in spite of the fact that he was abusing her. He also reminds Echo that she isn't really a cop.[37]

Echo explains she left the cops and wanted to join the resistance to help people that the police refused to help. With her story concluded, Hemmel tentatively welcomes Echo to the resistance, and Pandora hugs Echo. However, Echo tells Pandora to slow down.[38] Echo notes that Con learned where Echo got her name, and Con reveals her name is short for "Consequence." Echo responds by calling Con "darlin'."[39]

Meanwhile, in The Helper Corporation headquarters in Atom City, Chief Science Officer Stanlow Thornton and his Helper Elodie speak to the board of directors. Elodie explains that they aren't sure how Pandora escaped, but that there have been no similar incidents so the escape is a negligible threat to profits.[40] Stanlow believes there is still more to learn by studying Pandora's actions, but Gabriel thinks Pandora isn't worth dwelling on and insists Stanlow moves on to more important matters, like executing all Helpers who suffer mild astigmatism.[41] After Gabriel adjourns the meeting, Maple pleads with him that the Helpers he plans to have killed are just children, but Gabriel says they are products, just like Maple.[42]


  • This is the first chapter for which Pandora does not appear on the cover.
  • The possibility of Isabelle moving to Atom City was previously mentioned by Veronica in Chapter 3.[43]
  • The outfit Echo is wearing when she says "nobody suspects a Helper"[44] is the same outfit she wore in the first scene of the previous chapter.[45]
  • Xan said she had held on to the reveal of Con's full name since January 2019: over five years.[46][47]
  • This chapter breaks several records related to new characters.
    • It contains the first appearances of nine named characters, breaking the previous record of six characters each who first appeared Chapter 1 and Chapter 6.
      • If you include meta-fictional characters, the previous record was seven new characters who first appeared in Chapter 6.
    • It introduces the names of nine new characters, breaking the previous record of five characters each who were first named in Chapter 3 and Chapter 6.
      • If you include meta-fictional characters, then the previous record was six characters who were first named in Chapter 6.
    • All nine new characters are first named and first appear on Page 19, so this page also sets the record for the most new characters in a single page.[48]
    • With this chapter, the number of named non-metafictional characters who had appeared in Book 2 so far increased from 16 to 27.
  • This is the first chapter in which Miss Fortuna does not appear.


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