Thinking Too Much to Think Positively

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Thinking Too Much to think positively[1], also called Comics By Xan[2][3][4] due to its URL, is an episodic webcomic series by Xanthippe Hutcheon. It can be read for free on the comic's site.

Many pages are one-off jokes about the author's life. Others make jokes about other entertainment media, and a few focus on original fictional characters[5][6][7].

Three pages (as of September 2023) focus entirely on characters from Pandora's Tale, and may be canon. These include the two "Texts from Pandora" pages[8][9], and Pandora's First Pride[10].

Pandora and Isabelle also make cameo appearances in other TTMTTP pages[11][12][13][14][15], but their canon status is uncertain.