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Monopolith is a giant corporation[1] and the parent company of The Helper Corporation[2]. They are the overarching villains of Pandora's Tale.

The Monopolith Logo is a large capital letter "M."[3][4].The same logo is visible on the side of Monobank[5], as well as the interface of M1 Ultrapass[6].

Monopolith considers any attempts to research Helper biology to be an infringement of their intellectual property[7].

The Helper Corporation

The Helper Corporation is a corporation that breeds, brainwashes, and sells Helpers as slaves[8]. The Helper Corporation is a subsidiary of Monopolith[9]. They are the main villains of Pandora's Tale.

Employees must occasionally listen to empty announcements and then have their wages reduced to account for the time spent listening to the announcements[10].

The Helper Corporation Employees

Monopolith Employees

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