Pandora's Tale Wiki:Things to Do

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These are the things we have to do to create a good reference for Pandora's Tale. Help is greatly appreciated, but make sure you have read the rules of Pandora's Tale Wiki.

  1. Revamp the home page.
  2. Figure out a way to automatically list all chapters a character appears in, based on the character lists from the chapter articles.
    1. Automatically include chapter articles in "Character X Appearances" categories.
    2. Automatically list the number of chapters each character appears in on the Characters table.
    3. Make it so that the "Character X Appearances" categories are automatically included in Category:Chapters by character appearances.
  3. Create a manual of style.
    1. This step can probably wait until we have more editors.
    2. Decide on a policy for uploading images
  4. Overhaul the article on Pandora's Tale.
  5. Go through every article that references Xan's social media and separate Semi-Canon information.

The following tasks are things we will have to do every time a new chapter is released to stay up to date.

  1. Update the list of chapters.
  2. Create an article for each chapter.
  3. Update the list of characters.
  4. Create an article for each named character.
  5. Update the list of cities.
  6. Create an article for each city.
  7. Update the list of sectors.
  8. Create an article for each sector.
  9. Add the category "Characters debuting in X" to Category:Characters by first appearance (until and unless this process can be automated.)
  10. Update the current chapter number in Template:InfoUpdateFlag.
  11. Update all pages using Template:InfoUpdateFlag.

The following tasks are things that will require an ongoing effort:

  1. Create pages for each link in Special:WantedPages.
  2. Add text to each category in Special:WantedCategories.
  3. Overhaul articles and sections in need of expansion.
  4. Add categories to uncategorized pages.