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Webcomic Wikis

Since November 2023, the main page has included a list of "Other Webcomic Wikis We Love." Since 183231bcb is the only active editor, the list could more accurately be called "Other Webcomic Wikis 183231bcb loves."

The exact same list has been copied onto the home pages of Widdershins Wiki since November 2023 and Rainverse Wiki since March 2024. However, since June 2024, changes to the version of the list on Rainverse Wiki require approval of the Rainverse Wiki community. Hence, that list may eventually differ from the one here.

The requirements for listing a wiki have remained unchanged since the start, but they were not documented until June 2024.

The current criteria for listing

To be listed in the table, a wiki must satisfy all of the following conditions.

  1. The site must be a wiki.
  2. The wiki must be about one or more webcomics.
  3. The creature or organization managing the technical backend must be non-evil.
    1. In more detail, this means
      1. Editorial decisions should rest with the editing community, not the host.
      2. The editing community should have the ability to request technical changes to the site and expect help from the host, within the legal, technical, and financial limits of the host.
      3. The host must not insert LLM-generated nonsense into wiki articles.
      4. The host must not attempt to prevent the wiki community from migrating to a different host if the community so desires, either through technical or legal methods.
        1. Technical methods of preventing migration include Fandom's practice of keeping an old copy of departing wikis on their site, Reddit and Github's method of using an undocumented proprietary format for storing data to prevent it from being imported, or several services' practice of refusing to allow data exports at all.
        2. Legal methods of restricting migration include Fextralife's Terms of Service granting Fextralife ownership of all wiki text and prohibiting anyone from reposting it.
      5. The host must not be a bigot.
    2. Currently, examples of "evil" hosts that are disqualified from listing are Amazing Wikis, Fandom, Fextralife, Github, Neoseeker, and Reddit.
  4. 183231bcb must think the wiki is of sufficiently high quality to recommend.
  5. One or more admins of the wiki must explicitly give 183231bcb permission to list them. This list is "opt-in."


The following criteria are not and have never been requirements for inclusion on the list, but one or more creature has mistakenly thought they were requirements.

  1. Reciprocity: Listed wikis are not required to link back to other listed wikis. The list was partially inspired by NIWA, and NIWA requires all member wikis to link to all other member wikis. However, we are not NIWA. Of the eight webcomic wikis on the list, only three currently link to other listed wikis.
  1. Use of MediaWiki: Though most listed wikis use MediaWiki, this is not a requirement. In particular, Pepper & Carrot Wiki does not use MediaWiki.