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Does the organization of this article make sense? This was the first "content" article I made on PTW, and the second article I made here after Things to Do. The initial version of this article was mainly just a copy of the character spreadsheet I had been keeping on my computer. And I originally created the spreadsheet to help me prepare for the Book 1 Character Tournament.

I based lot of the decisions in how to organize the article on the needs of the character tournament. I used "named characters" as a criteria for inclusion in the tournament, so they are separated out from the unnamed characters. I only included unnamed characters in case I made a mistake and missed a character's name. I also didn't want to include metafictional characters or TTMTTP characters in the tournament, so they are separated into their own sections.

But the wiki is bigger than the character tournament, and it doesn't belong to me. Or, it shouldn't, at least. So, should the character list be completely reorganized? Does it still make sense to separate characters who aren't named on-panel, given that we consider word-of-Xan to be authoritative elsewhere on the wiki? Does it make sense to separate metafictional characters?

Currently characters are sorted by the page of their first appearance. Should they instead by sorted by when they were first named, or some other criteria?