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Text From Pandora is a series of two pages from Thinking Too Much To Think Positively[1][2]. They are also included in Volume 1.

Both pages depict a chain of text messages between Pandora and Isabelle. Pandora's message bubbles are shown in pink, while Isabelle's are in blue. Each message is accompanied by an emoticon of the sender, which shows the sender's facial expression.

In the first page, Pandora and Isabelle discuss what TV show they want to watch. Pandora is interested in watching She-Ra. Isabelle is confused by Pandora's description of the show, as Pandora believes that Catra, as a fictional catgirl, is a [[Helper], leading Pandora to come to bizarre conclusions about the plot[3].

The second page depicts Pandora being hassled by a Mormon missionary calling himself Elder Bryce. Bryce takes Pandora's phone, prompting Isabelle to send him a very angry message. Pandora gets Bryce to leave by telling him about how she was raised. The author comment underneath the page confirms that Pioneer City was known as Salt Lake City before the restructuring.