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Helpers are a race of genetically engineered humanoids created by The Helper Corporation[1]. Helpers physically resemble humans, but they are shorter, and they have cat ears and tails.

The Helper Corporation brainwashes Helpers from birth and sells them as slaves. In their marketing, The Helper Corporation claims that Helpers like being enslaved and lack human emotions[2]. However, The Helper Corporation is lying: Helpers have demonstrated the ability to resist their programming [3][4][5] and escape[6][7]. In particular, older Helpers have an easier time resisting their programming[8].

The Resistance seeks to free Helpers[9].

Baby Helpers are assigned a "version", a "gender", a "cohort", and a "designation[10] number[11]."

Some Helpers are trans, and The Helper Corporation doesn't know why[12].

Helpers reach adulthood in roughly four years, after which they are mentally and physically similar to adult humans[13][14]. They also have a kill switch causing them to die 20 years after reaching adulthood, which is The Helper Corporation's way of implementing planned obsolescence[15].

When Helpers are sold, they ship in a capsule with a special gas. The gas causes them to view the next human they see upon their box opening as their owner[16].

Helpers get the Zoomies, and The Helper Corporation doesn't know why. The Helper EULA says that The Helper Corporation is not liable for any damage caused as a result of Helpers running around in the dark in the middle of the night[17][18][Semi-Canon] .

Notable Helpers