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Welcome to all new editors, including participants of the Indie Wiki Jam!

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What We're About

The topic of Pandora's Tale Wiki is a webcomic series. It's about a trans catgirl rebelling against a dystopian society. If you aren't familiar with the source material, there are still things you can contribute. You can also can read the comic for free on the author's website.

Accounts and Editing

Pandora's Tale Wiki is hosted by Miraheze, and we share our account system with them. We require all editors to have an account to reduce spam. If you already have a Miraheze account, you can log into our wiki with the same username and password. If you don't, then you can create an account from our site, and it will also work with other Miraheze wikis.

Note that, because our wiki uses its own domain, your browser or password manager will not know that your account here has the same password as on other Miraheze sites unless you tell it.

Beginning Tasks (No Prior Knowledge Required)

Semi-Canon Information

Some older articles treat information from Xan's social media posts as canon. Per Xan's statement on Discord, she doesn't mind her social media posts being cited, but some of the lore provided in them is information she hasn't completely decided on, and might be contradicted by later chapters in the comic.

Hence, it's probably a good idea flag information that comes from Xan's social media as "semi-canon:" less authoritative than the main comic. There are two ways to do this. One way is to place {{SemiCanon}} at the start of a section. For example, see the article on Natalya. The other way is to place {{SemiCanon|inline=true}} at the end of a sentence. For example, see the article on Helpers.

Uncategorized Images

There are many images with no categories. Almost all images on this wiki are images of characters, so you can click "edit source" and add [[Category:Character images]] to their metadata.

Some Tasks For Those With More Wiki Experience

There are some things we want to do that require knowledge of MediaWiki, but they do not require prior knowledge of the comic.

Fixing Xan's Social RSS Feed

Xan uses the fediverse as her main social media platform. It would be nice if we could embed her social media feed onto our homepage. Fortunately the fediverse (and Sharkey in particular) gives us an RSS feed. I tried embedding the RSS feed on our home page using MediaWiki's RSS extension.

Unfortunately, it does not currently display the actual text of her posts. Instead, we just get a column repeating the sentence "New note by Xan." Sharkey's RSS feeds do include the actual text of posts, and it is possible for an RSS reader to display them. It might be possible to fix by editing the templates that come with the RSS extension: MediaWiki:Rss-feed and MediaWiki:Rss-item.

Automatically Populating Certain Categories

The appearances template is used on each chapter article to list character appearances. The template also places each chapter article in categories for each character, such as Category:Noor Shah appearances. For each new character, I manually add the corresponding appearances category to Category:Chapters by character appearances. It would be nice if this last step could be automated.

Tasks that require knowledge of the comic

Completing any of these tasks would likely require you to have read Pandora's Tale.

Character Articles

The articles for Hemmel and Natalya both have a lot of information missing.

Additionally, many character articles are missing information in the "biography" sections.

Other Tasks

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