Pandora's Tale Wiki One Year Anniversary

From Pandora's Tale Wiki

Today is the one year anniversary of Pandora's Tale Wiki!

I started this project as a way to more easily update the list of characters, in the hope that I could eventually use it for a Volume 2 Character Tournament. The list of characters was the first article I created.

In the past year, PTW has grown to include 64 main-namespace articles, and 431 pages in total. Just in the past two weeks, we broke free of Fandom.

What comes next for Pandora's Tale Wiki? There are always more tasks to complete to make PTW a better reference.

Currently Miraheze works as a host, and they are much better than Fandom ever was. However, there is still some uncertainty regarding their future. Miraheze is in the process of transitioning to a new board and a new organization. I will be monitoring the situation to see if we will need to move again. I hope any future moves will be easier, since we are now using stock MediaWiki.

Beyond changes to the wiki content and host, I will be considering when and if it will be best to get our own domain.

There has been almost no new Pandora's Tale canon content in the past year: the only new source material since the wiki launched are six one-panel previews Xan posted on her social media, handily collected on the article for Chapter Nine.

The lack of new canon puts us in a position a little bit like that of WikiBound, which was founded in 2010 and has had no new Earthbound canon since then. However, we have much less material to document than the WikiBound editors. Hence, continued expansion of Pandora's Tale Wiki will depend partly on whether Xan provides us with Chapter Nine and beyond.

And as always, Pandora's Tale Wiki is a wiki that anyone can edit. If you're a fan, you are welcome to contribute.

Let's have a great year two!