Broken, Part 2

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"Broken, Part 2" is the second chapter in Pandora's Tale.

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Picking up immediately after the previous chapter, the Pioneer City resistance is driving home with Pandora. Isabelle freaks out over Pandora imprinting on her, while Veronica reassures Isabelle[1]. Isabelle, Veronica, Con, and Zero introduce themselves and explain that they are in the resistance[2].

Pandora explains that she is "broken" because she's a girl despite being assigned male[3], and Isabelle responds that she is also a trans woman, and assures Pandora that she's not broken[4].

Isabelle tells Pandora that she is not a slave anymore, but due to her horrific "programming," Pandora doesn't understand[5]. Moreover, Pandora is unable to call Isabelle by her name[6], or to pick a name for herself[7]. Hence, Isabelle gives the protagonist a name: Pandora[8].

Back in Pioneer City[9], Isabelle takes Pandora to resistance doctor Noor Shah[10]. Though there is no published data on HRT for Helpers, Doctor Shah says Pandora can start her medical transition on a low dose[11]. Isabelle doesn't have a lot of money, but Pandora makes kitty faces until Doctor Shah agrees to cover the costs of her medication[12]. Doctor Shah warns Isabelle that taking care of Pandora will be difficult[13].

That evening, Isabelle welcomes Pandora to her small apartment[14]. Pandora wants to have sex with Isabelle, but Isabelle refuses[15], explaining that Pandora's programming renders her unable to consent[16].

As she falls asleep, Pandora reflects on her new life, and affirms that she is not broken[17].


  • There are five characters who appear in both parts of "Broken:" Pandora, Isabelle, Con, Veronica, and Zero. All five go on to appear in every chapter of Book One. As of Chapter 9, only Pandora and Isabelle have appeared in every chapter.
  • Chapter Two is the only chapter in Volume 1 in which Pandora does not speak in the first page. Pandora's first line in this chapter is on page 2[18].


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