Broken, Part 1

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"Broken, Part 1" is the first chapter in Pandora's Tale.

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The scene opens on the Helper Corporation training facility, where genetically engineered cat-people are bred, brainwashed, and "trained" to be slaves. A Helper who will eventually be known as Pandora tells her overseer Kyndley that she is a girl, despite being assigned male at birth[1]. Kyndley reminds Pandora that Helpers are created to serve their owners, and Pandora's future master won't be happy with a boy who thinks she's a girl. Pandora responds that she isn't "a boy who thinks he's a girl": she's a girl[2].

Kyndley tells Pandora that she is broken[3], and takes her to a doctor. The doctor explains that some Helpers just are trans, and Monopolith doesn't understand why[4]. Kyndley plans to have Pandora's memory erased and give her a new personality to make her a boy[5] Pandora screams "I'm not a boy!" and runs off[6].

Pandora crawls through a vent, and finds herself among helpers who are about to be shipped to buyers[7]. Seeing a chance to avoid having her memory erased, Pandora climbs into a capsule which is about to be shipped[8]. Pandora wishes she wasn't broken[9].

By sheer chance, the delivery drone containing Pandora suffers from an engine failure and lands in the middle of the desert, where the Pioneer City resistance finds it[10].

When resistance member Isabelle Monday realizes the pod contains a person[11], she goes to open it[12]. What Isabelle doesn't know is that the pod contains a gas which causes Helpers to view the next person they see as their owner[13]. Hence, when Isabelle literally opens Pandora's box, Pandora declares her purpose is to serve Isabelle, leaving Isabelle and the rest of the resistance very shocked[14].



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