The Resistance

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The Resistance is an organization dedicated to fighting for the poor and oppressed. They fight bad guys[1]. Though many in the resistance are sympathetic to the plight of Helpers, freeing the Helpers is not the resistance's primary focus[2].

The resistance is organized into cells, based at different locations[3].

Hemmel is the leader of the Pioneer City cell, and Natalya Ustrashkina is their second-in-command[4].

For long-range communication, members of the resistance refer to each other by call signs instead of their real names[5].

Members of the Resistance

Real name Call sign Cell
Pandora Charm Pioneer City
Isabelle Monday Unknown Pioneer City
Con Yung Paragon Pioneer City
Hemmel Monarch Pioneer City
Natalya Ustrashkina Redshift Pioneer City
Noor Shah Unknown Pioneer City
Veronica Fortuna Unknown Pioneer City
Zero Angiers Breaker Pioneer City
Zufolene Unknown Pioneer City
Tallulah Zaragoza Unknown Pioneer City
Resistance member with an eyepatch Unknown Pioneer City
Resistance member with a half undercut Unknown Pioneer City
Unknown Petrichor Unknown
The Courier Unknown Quorum City