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Welcome to the Pandora's Tale Wiki!

This wiki aims to be the ultimate reference to the webcomic Pandora's Tale, a queer dystopian science fiction series by Xanthippe Serenity Hutcheon.

In the 2060s, an evil corporation creates a race of humanoids called Helpers who are bred in a laboratory, brainwashed, and sold as slaves. Protagonist Pandora is a Helper who escapes and joins the resistance. Pandora must fight to overcome her brainwashing, while simultaneously fighting alongside the resistance to take down the company that brainwashed her.

The entire main cast are queer, and Pandora is trans.

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You can read Pandora's Tale for free on the main comic site. You can also read it, with a few weeks' delay, on Tapas or Webtoons. The first two chapters are also mixed into the archive of Xan's other comic on that comic's site.

Xan's Patreon has early releases of comic pages, along with bonus content. You can also purchase Book 1 (the first seven chapters) as a print volume or a downloadable PDF.

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