Live Fast, Part 1

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"Live Fast, Part 1" is the sixth chapter in Pandora's Tale.

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Three months after the resistance rescued Pandora[1], as fall arrives in Pioneer City, Pandora and Isabelle see an advertisement for the sitcom Our Little Helper[2]. The show depicts a happy enslaved Helper, Marigold, who is played by a human wearing fake cat ears[3].

At O, Fortuna, Noor and Pandora discuss the progress Pandora has made since starting HRT[4]. Isabelle asks Noor about Pandora's age, and Noor explains that Helpers age to maturity in only four years, at which point they are psychologically and physically equivalent to a human adult[5].

Hemmel explains their latest scheme to the resistance: Miss Fortuna has been invited to a party of rich people by her former patron, Hamilton Smith-Rawnsley. Hemmel hopes to use the party as cover to steal information from the tablet of another rich person, Eric Fishguard[6], which the resistance can use to carry out assassinations[7]. Miss Fortuna and Noor attend as guests, and they sneak Pandora, Isabelle, and Con in disguised as wait-staff[8], while Zero monitors the situation from outside[9].

Hamilton greets Miss Fortuna and inquires about Pandora, to which Miss Fortuna says Pandora is a stray[10]. Con observers Eric Fishguard standing in the corner next to a Helper, who is holding a phone[11]. Pandora approaches the other Helper and awkwardly offers to 'help' her hold the phone, but the other Helper rebuffs Pandora[12].

Miss Fortuna and Noor discuss how they feel attending their first party of rich people in a long time, and how difficult it is to force small talk with people who support slavery[13].

Meanwhile, Isabelle overhears a comment about how Helpers "don't live forever," [14], and so she asks Pandora how long Helpers live. Pandora cheerfully says that Helpers live for about 20 years after reaching adulthood, causing Isabelle to burst into tears[15].

Pandora delivers food to three Helpers in a secluded room of Hamilton's house[16]: Andromeda, Cassiopeia, and Leo[17]. Pandora tells the Helper trio that she is sad because Isabelle doesn't love her romantically, and the Helper trio ask Pandora if she wants to watch Our Little Helper with them[18].

Noor tells Isabelle that Helpers are designed to die young as a planned obsolescence scheme, further upsetting Isabelle[19].

After watching part of an episode of Our Little Helper, the other Helpers tell Pandora that they never leave their room[20]. Pandora encourages them to ask their Master about leaving the room some time[21] before Pandora leaves to go back to work. As the chapter closes, Zero scolds Pandora for getting distracted on the job, the Helper trio follow Pandora out of their room, and Eric Fishguard's Helper eyes Pandora suspiciously[22].


As of Chapter 9, Chapter 6 is the only chapter for which at least one character appears on the cover but not in the chapter body.

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