Live Fast, Part 2

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"Live Fast, Part 2" is the seventh chapter in Pandora's Tale, and the final chapter of Book 1.

Characters Appearing in This Chapter

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Picking up immediately where the previous chapter left off, Andromeda, Cassiopeia, and Leo tell Pandora that they want to go outdoors[1]. Pandora leads them outside while Fishguard's Helper watches suspiciously[2].

Miss Fortuna and Noor attempt to comfort Isabelle, who is still reeling from learning that Pandora will die in 20 years[3]. After Isabelle walks away[4], Noor accidentally brings up memories of when Miss Fortuna broke up with Noor. Their relationship had started as that of a courtesan and her client, and Miss Fortuna felt she needed to sort out which of her feelings for Noor were genuine and which were faked[5].

The Helper trio is excited to see the outdoors for the first time, but Fishguard's Helper walks up behind them, startling Pandora[6]. The newly-arrived Helper scolds Pandora for giving the trio an idea that could get them into trouble, as young Helpers are suggestible[7]. Pandora feels bad for the young Helper trio, but nonetheless encourages them to go back inside[8].

Back inside, Con and Isabelle reflect on learning that Pandora will die in 20 years[9]. Con says that the horrible things Monopolith did to Pandora are the reason they fight, and Isabelle observes that she now has someone to fight for[10].

As the five Helpers make their way back inside, Pandora unsuccessfully attempts to steal data from Fishguard's phone. The Helpers accidentally enter the middle of the party[11], where Eric Fishguard asks his Helper, whom he calls Adrastea, what is going on. Adrastea tells a lie of omission, claiming that the three young Helpers were "lost" and that she was leading them back to their room. At the same time, Hamilton Smith-Rawnsley is initially angry that his Helpers have left their room[12], but Miss Fortuna quickly invents an excuse that quells his anger[13].

In a private hallway, Adrastea asks Pandora how Pandora is able to show so much independent thought despite Pandora being a young Helper, as usually only older Helpers can think independently[14]. Pandora tells Adrastea the truth: that Pandora imprinted by accident on someone who wants her to fight her programming and be independent[15]. With considerable physical strain, Adrastea responds that she thinks her master is "not a good man." She also explains that she can lie to him as long as it is a lie of omission, which Pandora thinks is impressive[16].

Realizing that Pandora needs something from Fishguard's phone, Adrastea circumvents the intent of his orders and lets Pandora use Zero's device to get the data[17]. Pandora says that people she knows could help Adrastea escape, but Adrastea refuses. One day, Adrastea plans to work up enough willpower to escape, and she hopes she will still have enough time to live her life afterwards.

Back at the party, Doctor Shah laments that Hamilton's helpers are still destined for short lives, but Miss Fortuna encourages Doctor Shah to try to find a cure[18].

After the party, Zero asks how Pandora got the data, and Pandora says that she made a friend[19].

On the ride home, Pandora says that, although 20 years isn't a long time, she hopes to do many things in her life. Isabelle cries and says Pandora is a "good girl[20]."


Chapter Seven is the first chapter in which no new named characters make their first appearance. However, Adrastea, who first appeared in the previous chapter, has her name spoken on-panel for the first time.


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