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The Bookends[1][2] are a trio of middle-aged customers who frequent O, Fortuna[3]. Bookend 1 called Bookend 3 a dumbass after Bookend 3 misgendered Isabelle Monday. Bookend 1 also thinks Isabelle is funny, much to the delight of Pandora[4].


  • The Bookends are not named in the comic itself. The names "Bookend 1," "Bookend 2," and "Bookend 3" are used only in the script[5][6].
  • The name "Bookends" is a reference to a lyric from the early 2000s indie band The Jellys[7][8].
  • The script also refers to Bookends 2 and 3 as "dumber-looking" when compared to Bookend 1.
  • Bookend 1 is the only Bookend who does not misgender Isabelle on-panel.

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