Sisters in Arms, Part 1

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"Sisters in Arms, Part 1" is the third chapter in Pandora's Tale.

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Beginning the morning after the previous chapter, Pandora asks Isabelle what her purpose is[1]. Monopolith's brainwashing program told Pandora her purpose is to serve, but Isabelle doesn't want Pandora to serve her, leaving her unsure what she is for instead[2].

Later that day, Pandora and Isabelle arrive at the burlesque dance club O, Fortuna[3], which Veronica Fortuna owns and uses as a front for the Pioneer City Resistance. Isabelle reflects with Con Yung on her current situation, while Zero Angiers denies being a cavefish[4]. Miss Fortuna offers Pandora a job as a waitress[5], and instructs Lyra Lujic to train Pandora[6].

Miss Fortuna explains to the other resistance members that "stray" (i.e. escaped) Helpers are common in Atom City, and suggests telling people that Pandora is a stray as a cover story[7].

The resistance expects a courier to deliver an important package that night. Miss Fortuna assigns Isabelle, Tallulah Zaragoza, and Zufolene to distract prying eyes by dancing while the rest of the resistance deals with the courier[8].

Isabelle introduces Pandora to Hemmel, the leader of the Pioneer City Resistance, and Natalya Ustrashkina, their second-in-command[9]. Pandora approaches Hemmel and asks to join the resistance[10], but she is unable to articulate why she wants to join[11]. Zero says Helpers shouldn't be allowed in the resistance due to them not being human, but Hemmel and Natalya scold Zero, reminding her the resistance exists to fight for the oppressed[12].

Pandora and Lyra hear the Bookends, a trio of customers, make transphobic comments about Isabelle, which Pandora and Lyra scold them for[13]. Pandora gushes about how great Isabelle is, and nearly says that Isabelle is her mistress, but Isabelle interjects that she is Pandora's sister[14], as the Bookends could be suspicious if they think a poor person owns a helper[15].

While Isabelle dances[16], Con alerts Miss Fortuna to the presence of a cop[17], and Isabelle prepares to deal with him while Pandora watches nervously[18].


  • The three middle-aged customers who converse with Pandora and Lyra are not named in the comic. In the script, they are called the Bookends, in reference to a lyric from the early 2000s indie band The Jellys[19][20].
  • During her performance, Isabelle is dressed as an Ancient Egyptian Space Princess[21][22].


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