Sisters in Arms, Part 2

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"Sisters in Arms, Part 2" is the fourth chapter in Pandora's Tale.

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Picking up immediately where the previous chapter left off, Isabelle approaches the cop and tries to lead him out of the room. Miss Fortuna explains that Isabelle and the other dancers are also sex workers, and they sometimes use their skills to distract cops if the resistance needs someone out of the way[1].

The rest of the resistance wonders where the courier is, and worry he may have been caught by the police[2]. Pandora finds a customer who gives the signal that he is the courier: he orders a silver tequila and an extra dry Martini[3]. However, this signal is merely a coincidence and the customer is not actually the courier[4].

The cop returns from a back room, as Isabelle is unable to distract him any longer, and he makes racist and misogynistic comments about Pandora, to which Isabelle angrily reprimands him[5]. The cop then reveals that he is the courier, disguised as a cop[6], and that he's also a raging transphobe[7]. The courier refuses to pay Isabelle for her time, but Miss Fortuna assures Isabelle that Miss Fortuna will make sure Isabelle gets paid[8].

Pandora asks Isabelle why she seemingly tries to hide her anger. Isabelle explains that anger is often seen as a "male" emotion, even though, as Pandora points out, cis women like Lyra and Miss Fortuna get angry[9]. Pandora says she will try to do the same thing, but Isabelle says she doesn't think it is healthy[10]. Pandora and Isabelle reflect on their lives, and agree that, while being a trans girl is tough[11], they can handle it together as "sisters," and they are glad they found each other[12].

In the next room, Zero explains that the package is a data drive containing decryption keys[13]. As the courier is about to leave, Hemmel and Natalya ask him to pay Isabelle[14]. The courier again refuses and grabs Pandora, leading Isabelle to attack him[15]. Pandora then attacks the courier, prompting Hemmel to welcome Pandora into the resistance[16].

Back at home, Pandora and Isabelle watch a televised interview with Gabriel Glenholm, the CEO of The Helper Corporation[17]. Gabriel claims that buying and selling Helpers as property is nothing like slavery, and he forces his enslaved Helper Maple to pretend to agree with him[18].

After the interview, Maple reveals that she does not like being enslaved: she is able to resist her programming[19]. Gabriel and Maple are interrupted by an assistant, who informs Gabriel that the resistance has rescued Pandora[20].


  • As of Chapter 9, Chapter 4 is the only chapter in which Pandora does not appear on the final page.
  • The dialogue on the final page of this chapter was altered slightly between its original release and the book. In the version of the page on, Gabriel Glenholm says he wants to know "how the hell [Pandora] was able to disobey [her] Overseers and get as far away as [she] did."[21] The term "Overseer" was previously used for Kyndley in the script for Chapter 1. However, in the book, as well as the version on the fediverse, Glenholm instead refers to "our people," omitting Kyndley's title. [22][23]. The reason for the change is that Xan decided to make Kyndley's title PCA instead, but she didn't want to introduce that term when it wouldn't be explained for another four chapters[24][25].


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